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Further successful implementation of the project ,,Healthy youth – prerequisite to wellbeing of Plunge district“

Plunge district Municipality since September 2015 is involved in the project ,,Healthy youth – prerequisite to wellbeing of Plunge district“, improving the accessibility and quality of youth health care services in municipalities by implementing the model for provision of youth–friendly health care services” under the Programme LT11 ,,Public Health Initiatives” of the Norwegian Financial Mechanism 2009−2014.  Project application code: NOR-LT11-SAM-01-K-03-002.  

Project promoter: Plunge district municipality administration.

Partners of the project: Public health bureau of Plunge district Municipality, Non-governmental organization ,,Krantas”, Bjerkreim commune (municipality).

Project value: 84 887,19 Eur. 

Goal of the Model: to empower young people aged between 14-29 to choose healthier lifestyles and provide quality and accessible youth-friendly health care services (YFHCS) to them which meet the needs of the youth using the Algorithms.

       During the project in Plunge Public Health Bureau began work JPSPP coordinator. Bureau equipped with all necessary equipment, health promotion, preventive and methodological tools. Launching of volunteers from among the youth have contributed to the portal administration.

       During the Project it was organized by a variety of health-related events and training for youth: overcoming the psychological crisis, suicide prevention and psychological peculiarities of losses, today's youth lifestyle and health education, psychoactive substances on young body, yoga lessons. There was also training steering group: teamwork and communication to address youth health issues, time management and stress management.

       It was organized 2 days camp - training for parents - parent education teen sexuality issues.

       On April 25 – 28 it was a partner from Norway - Bjerkreim commune visit to Plunge municipality.

       The visitors had the opportunity to visit Plunge Public Health Bureau, ,,Ryto” primary school, Platelių universal multifunctional center. Near the lake Plateliai at Zemaitija national park, norwegians studied ,,correct” Nordic walking with sticksand, visited bike paths.

       On 27th April near the A. Jucio primary school took place outdoor fitness area opening ceremony, which was attended by guests from the municipality of Bjerkreim.

       The delegation was impressed by Plunge District Hospital, a visit to the central city library, where he was an overview of the types of physical activity, use of community physical activity and ect.

       For the best results of the project, are included organizations working with young people - Plunge Public Health Bureau, a non-governmental public organization ,,Krantas” as well as other sectors.

       The cooperation of the partners in the project activities, include an increasing number of young people, so it is expected the project will achieve a greater effect.

       Implemented YFHCS model will help solve problems both for the direct contact with a young person in need of assistance (treatment, monitoring, and prevention) or indirect contact cases, when Plunge district youth health issues will be addressed by making systemic, organizational, financial, legal or political decisions.

       The project is financed from 2009-2014 Norway financial mechanism programme ,,Public Health Initiatives”. Project number: NOR-LT11-SAM-01-K-03-002.

Oresta Gerulskienė
Plunge District Municipality doctor


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